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Buckled Roads Make Minnesotans Take Flight

This week's nominee for worst highway in America goes to a stretch of I-90 in southwest Minnesota. See, they've been having a bit of a heatwave in Minnesota, with temperatures rising into the 30's over the past week. When temperatures like that combine with older concrete roads and inadequate expansion joints, there's nowhere for the road to go but up – in this case making steep ramps as much as 30 cm high. Asphalt does the same thing, but it's more flexible so the worst is usually just an annoying speed bump.

What you see in this wild video from the Minnesota Department of Transportation is the result of those buckled-concrete ramps. Cars are launched into full-on Dukes of Hazzard–style jumps when drivers don't see the ramp in the fast lane on the I-90 in Little Canada, Minnesota (no really, that's the name of the city). At least a few of those cars then appear to bounce into the centre divider. That CR-V at 13 seconds in might think twice about tailgating next time too. The MinnDOT knows exactly which roads will do this, but have no idea where, or how to fix it ahead of time. So make sure to keep your eyes open out there.