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Kia Recalls Sedona Minivans for Rusty Control Arms

Kia is asking the owners of more than 14,000 examples of its Sedona minivan to bring their vehicles back to the dealer to fix corroded front suspension control arms.

The Korean manufacturer's concern is the control arms could rust to the point of failure and cause the driver to lose control of the van.

This latest Kia recall covers vans sold between 2006 and 2012. This is actually the second time Kia has recalled the Sedona for this problem: a 2013 recall covered more than 16,400 vehicles from the same range of model years.

In that earlier campaign, dealers were instructed to inspect the control arms and either apply an anti-corrosion treatment or replace them, depending on their condition. This time around, any 2006 or 2007 model year van that didn't get new control arms last time will get them now; the rest will be inspected and the control arms replaced if they're badly corroded. Otherwise, those 2008 through 2012 vans will get the same anti-corrosion treatment that was used in the earlier recall.