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Ferrari Shows One of One 458 MM Speciale

I know what you've been thinking, "my Ferrari 458 Speciale isn't 'Speciale' enough". Ok, fine, chances are pretty slim that you were thinking that, but a British Ferrari customer was. So that person had one made that was so special it even got its own debut on the legendary Fiorano test track, where the un-named owner and Ferrari chief test driver Dario Benuzzi turned laps today.

The 458 MM Speciale is from Ferrari's One-Off department and is a significant restyling of the 458. Mechanically, the car is as standard, but there are some changes to accommodate the revised bodywork. The side intakes are re-positioned and larger, to do more of the cooling work. The front-mounted radiators are also moved together and the angle has gone more upright, again to offset the changes to the rear end.

The biggest changes, though, are to the styling. The car is significantly revised, from a different front bumper, to the 488 GTB tail-lights and redone rear bumper. The aluminium body work is mostly new, as are the carbon bumpers. In between those bumpers is a blacked-out A-pillar, reminiscent of the 288 GTO. There are also the cooling scoops in the rear quarter panel, with a more sharply cut belt-line crease in the door leading the air and your eye to those scoops. The rear has a revised spoiler which Ferrari says balances the down force and completes the beltline of the doors.

The car is painted in Bianco white with stripes in the green and red of the Italian flag. Unlike many custom or one-off's, that can be excessively garish or loud, the colour is beautiful and the stripes are tasteful and a classic design. Inside is Cioccolato leather with white stitching. The wheels are specific to this one car, so the owner will probably want to watch for curbs.

If you want one like this, you'll have to pry it out of the current owner's hands. Or talk to Ferrari and see if you can design a nicer one for yourself. But good luck, you’ll need it.