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Volvo Shows Off New 40 Series Compact Concepts

After hinting at them last week on Snapchat, Volvo has finally revealed their 40 series concepts showing their plan to expand back into the premium small car and CUV market. The S40 and V40 small sedan and wagon have been absent from the Canadian lineup for a few years, but the new car, especially with the addition of a CUV, could see the return of the small Volvo to our roads.

The 40 series concept sedan and CUV show off Volvo's new CMA (compact modular architecture) platform, designed specifically for small cars. Previously they were built on mid-size platforms, and the change to a more size appropriate platform allows designers greater flexibility for the styling packaging of the new models. The concepts maintain the key styling features like Volvo's full length tail lights and "Thor's Hammer" headlights of the recent V90.

There will be conventional gas and diesel models, but also expect a Twin Engine gas electric hybrid and pure EV to be available. Volvo hopes to sell 1 million electric and hybrid cars globally by 2025, and adding the option to the smallest, and by extension most affordable, cars is the way to do that.  In order to help accomplish this, Volvo has also modularized the power train in addition to the platform. They state that this helps them speed development, as the two can work better concurrently than before. The first new 40 series car is expected to enter production next year, so it seems to be working.