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BMW Makes the Already Quick M235i into the Quicker M240i

BMW is updating a modern classic by giving the M235i a new engine and turning it into the M240i, and while they're at it, the 228i gets an upgrade as well, to become the 230i.

The new 3.0L turbocharged inline six for the M240i is the same B58 as was just released in the updated-for-2016 340i. The new engine gets a 15 hp boost (to 335) and torque jumps to 369 lb-ft. That's surprisingly close to the M2, which makes the same torque and just 30 hp more. BMW claims that the 0-100 km/h time drops by about 0.2 seconds with the upgrade. While the upgraded handling and features of the M2 are certainly not insignificant, the M235i comes very close to matching it already, so the upgrade will bring things very close.

The 230i's turbocharged 2.0L four is based on the same architecture as the new six. It gains 8 hp and 3 lb-ft over the old four to reach 248 and 258 respectively.

The new engine has a twin-scroll turbo, direct injection, and variable valve timing on intake and exhaust cams. The new engines are also expected to improve economy and reduce emissions, but official Canadian numbers are not yet available.

More details and pricing, including transmission and all-wheel drive availability should follow later this year when the 2017 2-series is released.