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Clarkson, Hammond, and May Return in The Grand Tour

After months of guessing, second-guessing, phony hints and misdirection, the all-new motoring television show from Amazon Video starring Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James may finally has a name. The trio's new show will be called The Grand Tour because, as Clarkson puts it, "we'll be travelling the world hosting each episode in a different country, from a giant tent. It's a sort of "grand tour", if you like. So we've decided to call it 'The Grand Tour'."

To get you up to speed, in March of last year the always ready for a controversy Clarkson finally went a swing too far. The BBC announced that his contract wouldn't be renewed as the result of an incident with a producer. Shortly after the announcement, James May, Richard Hammond, and Executive Producer Andy Wilman all announced that they would not be returning to the show without Clarkson. After that it didn't take long for rumours to start about where they would all go next. In July it was revealed that they had all signed a deal with Amazon to make a new car show for Amazon's Prime Video service.

Filming reportedly began in October, and now the first episodes of the new show have been announced to be airing this fall. The show is expected to air in a weekly release format, not a dump of the entire season at once, which is a departure for streaming services. And while Amazon Video is not currently available in Canada, it's extremely likely that another outlet, either a traditional broadcaster or a streaming service like Shomi or Crave will pick it up.

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