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Jeep Wrangler Getting Hurricane of Near 300 hp

According to a new report, Fiat Chrysler will be using a new 2.0L four cylinder engine in the next Jeep Wrangler. Automotive News quotes a source with direct knowledge of the project that the all-new engine, code-named Hurricane, will be turbocharged, all aluminium and make almost 300 hp.

The new engine is said to have a twin-scroll turbocharger and variable valve timing. A near 300 hp output is a lot of power for a 2.0L engine, especially in something like a Jeep (it's actually about 30 hp/L better than the Alfa 4C), but Fiat Chrysler is not likely to forget that the driving force behind Jeep, especially the Wrangler, is off-road prowess. At least in theory. And that needs low end torque. Rock crawling and dipping in and out of boost do not go well together.

The not exactly aerodynamically shaped, body-on-frame Wrangler has been a fuel economy issue for years. Even the current 3.7L V6 with a six-speed manual or five-speed automatic is only able to achieve 12.8 L/100 km combined. Hardly a strong number when most full size truck models can do better than 12.0. Rumours have persisted for years about diesels but have never panned out, likely due to cost and the low popularity of diesel in our market.

But the new model, if equipped with a smaller turbocharged engine, an eight-speed automatic, and the previously announced at least partial aluminum construction, should finally post respectable economy numbers. The Hurricane is expected to be an option on the next-generation Wrangler, due next year.