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Porsche Will be Building a New Twin-Turbo V8

In a presentation at the Vienna Motor Symposium today, Porsche revealed their new twin-turbo V8 which will be replacing the 4.8L V8 currently used in the Panamera and Cayenne. The new engine is loosely based on the new 3.0L V6 Audi is using in the S4, and which will also show up in the new V6 Panamera.

This new 4.0L V8 will launch in the next generation Porsche Panamera Turbo, and a report from the conference puts it at 550 hp and 568 lb-ft of torque in that application. The new engine will get cylinder deactivation, which cuts half the cylinders at light load between 950 and 3,500 rpm is said to reduce fuel consumption by up to 30%. It is also designed with hybrid and start-stop applications in mind. A twin-turbo, hybrid boosted Panamera also seems likely.

According to Car and Driver, this engine can be built on the same line as the Audi V6, and both will fit the VW group MLB and MSB (large, rear wheel drive vehicles) platforms. With that versatility, expect variants to appear in the Porsche lineup, including the Cayenne, but also the Lamborghini Urus, the Audi A8, and even some Bentleys. The new Panamera is expected to debut later this year.