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Aston Martin DB11 Photos Leaked

While not expected to launch officially until later this week at the Geneva auto show, photos of the Aston Martin DB11 have leaked. To no one's surprise, it is gorgeous.

The face is clearly Aston, which is (in my opinion) the nicest corporate visage anywhere in the last decade. The rest of the car is clearly inspired from the DB10 featured in the latest James Bond film, SPECTRE, with hints of the One-77. The changes being largely what you would need to make it a car that can actually be registered and legally driven. Useful headlights, mirrors, hood and trunk lids that open, and a grille that can actually cool the expected 600 hp 5.2L twin-turbocharged V12.

It is not yet clear if the DB11 will be based on improvements to the current Aston Martin platform, or if it will borrow architecture from its new AMG relationship. The DB11 is also rumoured to share an electrical system with the newest Mercedes-Benz S-Class coupe.

More details should follow at the official unveiling soon, but in the meantime, enjoy these photos, with thanks to Carscoops.