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Depreciation Appreciation: BMW X5

Welcome to Depreciation Appreciation! Every month, your buddies at dig up an example of how depreciation can make for a used car deal that’s supremely awesome.

This month? A perfect sport-ute for dashing through the snow in the lap of German-engineered luxury and efficiency, while looking like a total boss in the process. The BMW X5 has become one of the most instantly recognizable luxury utility vehicles on the road, not to mention one of the most popular. With plenty of selection, high-end feature content, and a design that’s timeless and captivating, the 2007 to 2013 generation of BMW’s top-line sport-ute has seen its pricing come out of the stratosphere, putting a few-year-old copy within reach of common folk.

In fact, earlier copies of an X5 from this generation can be had from under $15,000 with reasonable mileage on the odometer. Hundreds of copies of the X5 are available across the country too – meaning finding the perfect combination of pricing, mileage and feature content should prove a cinch. Can you spend a bit more? Here’s a gem, offered by a BMW dealership for under $40,000 with a six-year warranty!

2007 BMW X5 4.8i xDrive-02

Will you buy a new mainstream crossover with all the bells and whistles? Or a few-year-old, new-to-you copy of one of the most iconic luxury SUV models on the road?

The Sticky:
Styling, exclusivity, all-season driving confidence and a sense of space and flexibility are all highly rated in this generation of X5. Handling and performance are also highly rated. Seat comfort and a solid driving feel round out the package. Earlier copies of the so-called E70 X5 offer two staple BMW engines: a 3.0L straight-six, or a 4.8L V8. Later models got a twin-turbo straight six, a twin-turbo 4.4L V8, and a new 8-speed automatic – all intended to boost performance and efficiency.

Rounding out the mainstream X5 offerings was the diesel-powered X5 xDrive35d, with turbodiesel straight-six engine. Look for gobs of torque like a V8, and a fuel bill like a much smaller ute. Feature content included all of the rich-guy luxury SUV must-haves, including premium audio, Bluetooth, navigation, power everything, a panoramic sunroof, wood trim, push-button start, xenon lights and more. Depending on equipment and packages, your used X5 will offer features like premium audio, navigation, a head-up display, self-sealing doors, a power tailgate, push-button start, paddle shifters and plenty more.

Approximate New Value:
At launch, the E70 X5 was priced from the mid-sixties for the standard 3.0si model, while the V8-powered 4.8i added about $10,000 more. A rare X5 M-Sport edition bumped entry pricing north of $90,000! When it came online, the diesel-powered X5 xDrive35d offered up pricing from the mid-sixties.

Approximate Used Value:
Today, selection for a used unit with reasonable mileage seems rich around the $20,000 mark. Here’s an example of a V8-powered X5 with Tech Package and some other goodies, and less than 120,000 kilometres of service, for under $19,000. Less than 10 years ago, this unit would have packed a price tag into the $80,000 range! Here’s another example. And another with V8 power, less than 115,000 km, and priced at $18,000. You could spend more on a new Hyundai Accent!

Be sure to check out a used X5 through a BMW dealer’s Certified Pre Owned (CPO) program, for maximum confidence. Here’s one example of a nicely-loaded CPO X5 unit with low miles and appealing pricing – as well as added CPO benefits like an extended warranty and full reconditioning.

2007 BMW X5 4.8i xDrive-03

Why You Want One:
Because a well-maintained and well-serviced used X5 makes an ideal used-ute buy for a shopper prioritizing luxury, presence and comfort as well as space, flexibility and utility. With standard xDrive AWD on board, as well as a generous cargo hold and no shortage of gear-carrying accessories, an X5 is an ideal partner for comfortable and confident cruising, regardless of the weather or terrain. Well matched to active lifestyles, this one will tackle your weekend ski-trip or voyage to the cottage with absolute classiness.

Test Drive Tips:
Be sure the model you’re considering has had all system software updates installed, including those that apply to transmission and engine management, and infotainment. Have any warning lights or messages in the instrument cluster inspected, and confirm that the sunroof, all windows, all door locks, and the power tailgate work as expected.

A check of the battery and charging system for proper health is highly advised, as is use of a trickle charger to maintain the charge in your X5’s battery if you won’t be driving it for a while. A full check of the cooling system for leaks, especially on earlier V8-powered models, is also strongly advised. Finally, check the tires on the unit you’re considering for uneven wear across the treads, which can indicate an alignment problem.

The Verdict: Careful and patient shopping for the right X5, preferably through a CPO program at a BMW dealer, can put you at the wheel of a widely-loved luxury-ute for about the same money as a new mainstream family sedan. A trouble-free model should prove immensely enjoyable, confident and comfortable to drive. For maximum protection against hefty repair bills, be sure to have the unit you’re considering investigated by a BMW technician ahead of your purchase.