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Bulletproof Tesla Model S Heading for Hollywood in The Brothers Grimsby

Screen capture courtesy Columbia Pictures and Jimmy Kimmel Live

If you're like us, you probably think the Tesla Model S is long overdue for the kind of feature-film close-up enjoyed by so many other cool cars. That might be about to change thanks to Sacha Baron Cohen's upcoming flick, The Brothers Grimsby.

The film casts Cohen as a dim-but-lovable, lower-middle class Brit searching for his long-lost younger brother (played by Mark Strong) only to discover his sibling has become a world-class assassin who, at least in one scene, drives a bulletproof Model S.

That particular bit (included in the trailer) gives a good idea of what we're sure is a gag-heavy script that may or may not be worth the price of admission, if past SBC films are any indication.

Photo courtesy Columbia Pictures

The Brothers Grimsby is the latest in a long line of movies and TV shows to put cool cars front-and-centre; check out our Best Cars on TV slideshow, and decide for yourself if the Model S deserves the kind of screen time Sacha Baron Cohen's latest oeuvre seems keen to provide.