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The Transporter Refueled Trailers Drop

The Transporter franchise is being rebooted with The Transporter Refueled, headlining up-and-coming Brit action star Ed Skrein as driver-for-hire extraordinaire Frank Martin, paired with an Audi S8 in a starring role. If you recall, the original Transporter featured Jason Statham in a BMW 7 Series, but the two sequels both put the four rings' largest A8 sedan through its paces.

In this instalment, here's a heist, things go awry, mad chases and fights ensue. And more chases. And more fights.

Watch both trailers for all the great angles of Audi's flagship sedan and a tease of the epic stunts and chases we're in store for:

The Transporter Refueled
hits theatres September 5, 2015