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LEGO Ferrari F40 Even Has a Toolkit

I take back every bad word I ever said about LEGO. For every time I stepped on a tiny plastic brick and cursed the Danish brand loud and proud into the night, I am sorry. So sorry. LEGO, you are redeemed, for now I can own a supercar in the most nerdtastic way possible.

Not only is the LEGO Creator series Ferrari F40 a 1,158-piece, $90, car-nerd destroying masterpiece - you can wrench on it!

Perhaps one of the most iconic Ferraris ever built, the F40 comes with its own little tool kit, hidden in the luggage compartment, which effectively means you can do more work on a LEGO Ferrari than a real one. Well, you can pretend to at least. Which, come to think of it, is the most authentic thing about a Ferrari model - pretense.

As well as the tools, the F40 has pop-up headlights that actually work, a removable engine, NACA ducts, opening doors and hood which you can prop open to display that sexy V8 block. See what I did there? Even the LEGO wheels are replicas of the F40 wheels and LEGO jokingly claims the F40 gets special high-performance rubber. So now you will be even angrier when your cat chews them up.

LEGO, like Ferrari, understands the importance of weight savings and so this model has the same cheap and crappy cable door pulls as the real one.

The F40 joins the brick-based Porsche 918, Ferrari 458, or McLaren P1 which are all available as official supercar Lego sets.

The LEGO Ferrari will be available to VIP customers only for two weeks but regular folk will get access on August 1.