Top Picks: Best Cars for Stop-and-Go Traffic

Picture this: It's 5:15 pm at the end of a hectic day at work. Home is a 32 km commute away – normally a 40 minute trip, but the traffic radio says it's bumper-to-bumper out there today so you'll be lucky to make it home in an hour.

Pick the wrong car, and it's going to be an hour of tedious misery. Pick the right one, and it can be an hour of relaxed serenity.

You're not looking for power and handling. Those attributes are important only when the roads are wide open like in the land of marketing. Instead you're looking for the details that make a car better when things get congested. Thrift. Comfortable seats. Acoustic isolation. A full-featured infotainment system. Satellite radio. Advanced technologies to ease the drive. You're looking for cars like these: