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Project CARS Launches on May 12th

Ultra-realistic and uniquely customizable racing opus Project CARS will be hitting store shelves on May 12th (the game will be available on Steam starting May 7th), according to publisher Slight Mad Studios, which also dropped the official launch trailer featuring music from deadmau5.

Project CARS was one of our top games to watch for in 2015. In the months leading up to release, features and specs have been nailed down, with the game now boasting over a hundred unique tracks, 60 frames per second display, and VR support for both the Oculus Rift on PC and Project Morpheus on PS4. Its impressive features list will only grow as the community digs into the game and starts making modifications.

Wondering which version to get? All versions are considered "feature complete", but if you've got a beefy gaming PC, it's the version with the greatest flexibility in terms of hardware support. Older console steering wheels are not compatible with the PS4 or Xbox One, so keep that in mind when you pick up the game.

Project CARS will be available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, with Wii U and Steam OS versions to come later this year.