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Trader Corporation returns to real estate with

It's hard to pin down exactly when Trader Corporation made its first foray into the real estate market and even harder to determine when the company withdrew. That's all ancient history, however, as company execs announced the launch of at its annual shareholder meeting on Manitoulin Island. Whereas Dealer Dash – the other big announcement today – marks a bold new direction for the company, signals a return to familiar territory; time spent apart from the real estate market has allowed the company to approach it with fresh eyes. Much like, this new marketplace is set to revolutionize the way private home sales are conducted, by connecting home owners and buyers directly, without the need for a real estate agent.

I had a chance to sit down with Director of Marketing Ian MacDonald, who has spearheaded Trader Corporation’s push back into the real estate market.

“What really puts in a league of its own is the mobile app. Say you go to an open house and it doesn’t pan out, but you fall in love with the neighbourhood; with the mobile app, you can instantly pull up all the nearby listings and compare them based on your search criteria, be it price, square footage, number of rooms, you name it.

“Bookmark any listing and you’ll be notified when the price changes. Want to make an offer? You can contact the seller directly through the app. Be it a phone call, text, or email, you can track all your correspondence directly in the app.

“The best part? When you’re ready take that next step, it’ll automatically fill in the legal documents. Simply print and sign. Zero friction. It’s that easy.” will also offer commercial office space and rentals through close partnerships with property management companies throughout Canada.

“We chose the name SpaceTRADER because we want people to think outside of the home. Community garden plot? Done. Underground parking space? Perfect. Any property that you’re not using, but don’t want to sell? List it for rent on The same, easy-to-use experience applies when whether you’re selling, buying, or renting.

“Even if you’re not thinking of selling your home right now, by simply creating an account and entering a few details about your home, you’ll get instant access to the real estate price trend in your neighbourhood as well as projected value over the next months and years. People track their bank accounts, their investment portfolios, even their cups of coffee, so why would they neglect their single largest investment – their home? With, we’re putting that information at your fingertips, available 24/7 when you need it.”

“Our focus for 2015 is putting power back into the hands of the users – the buyers and sellers.” will have its trial by fire in a sizzling housing market when it launches later this spring. Register now and set up your profile in advance of the April launch. The iOS and Android apps will be available in May.