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Wish List Car: 2015 Lamborghini Huracán

News of Lamborghini now offering a winter driving course in North America brought back memories of one of my highlights of 2014: an all-too-brief half hour sampling of Lamborghini’s mind-warping Huracán. Having been fortunate enough to spend significantly more time with two of its main rivals – the McLaren 650S and the Ferrari 458, including in its hardcore Speciale track version – as well as a few different versions of the Audi R8, there seems no doubt that the folks at Lambo put a laser-pointed target on the hood of Ferrari’s widely admired mid-engine exotic sports car.

Quite honestly, it’s difficult to say whether the all-new 2015 Huracán could overcome my slobbering reverence for both the 650S or Speciale, but it would be a neck and neck race with the achingly lovely 458, should my lottery numbers come up. And if the lottery gods smile down extra kindly, very possibly all four – which would have to mean an equally valuable environmental pledge to some worthy organization, to hopefully offset all the emissions that’d soon pour forth from those shrieking tailpipes. And likely the most burnt hydrocarbons of any of them would come from the tail of this Huracán.