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Deadmau5’s Purrari Is No More, “Just a normal ass 458 now.”

After taking the Gumball 3000 rally and the Internet by storm, Joel Thomas Zimmerman, more commonly known as electronic artist deadmau5, has unwrapped his famous Purrari and it is no longer for sale…at least not for the time being.

After being delisted from Craigslist, Zimmerman posted the Nyan Cat Purrari on autoTRADER. Now, thanks to the cease-and-desist happy lawyers at Ferrari, deadmau5 was forced to return his Ferrari to stock and delist the car yet again.

The reason for the cease and desist?


Zimmerman, unhappy with the Italian suits, has already replaced the Purrari with something a bit more British, a McLaren 650S Spider. He’s also been eyeing a McLaren P1 GTR, stating on Twitter “Even a mau5 can dream!”

While the former Nyan Cat wrapped Ferrari is no longer on autoTRADER, Zimmerman has not stated if it has been sold or is still for sale. However, he has posted a couple of photos on Instagram of the Purrari’s original white skin under its Nyan Cat vinyl fur.

Purrari getting stripped

The original listing on autoTRADER.ca


deadmau5's new ride

Ferrari 458 Spider, McLaren 650s on autoTRADER.ca.