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Small Block: A Legomaniac's Guide to Motoring Excellence

If asked to guess what the world's largest producer of tires is, would you say Dunlop, Michelin, or even Kirkland? You'd be wrong. It's LEGO.

Founded in 1891, this Danish company would start producing plastic interlocking bricks in 1947, and became a literal rolling behemoth with the introduction of wheeled pieces in 1962. Since then, we've seen LEGO sets grow from the humble bucket-o-bricks to stuff like the 1200+ piece LEGO Millennium Falcon.

We've also see the age ranges of “kids” who are into this sort of stuff swell well past middle-age. Odds are, you grew up around LEGO, which is why the inclusion of the blue spaceman minifig in the recent LEGO Movie – with the broken helmet piece! They all did brake! - has such a wave of nostalgia for most.

And, for gearheads, LEGO has produced a number of specialized car sets over the years. Here are my picks for the best ones you can actually buy, and some that LEGO should start producing instead of nonsense like the Lone Ranger sets.