Articles Written By Jil McIntosh

First Drive: 2020 Toyota Corolla and Corolla Hybrid
By Jil McIntosh
May 08, 2019

Fresh style, new engine, same comfort.

Test Drive: 2019 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid
By Jil McIntosh
May 07, 2019

Not your everyday minivan – but it could be.

When’s the Best Time to Buy a Car?
By Jil McIntosh
May 06, 2019

Pick the right day to go to the showroom.

Revisiting GM EV1, the Original Mass-market Electric
By Jil McIntosh
April 30, 2019

Legislation, the mother of invention.

Test Drive: 2019 Toyota Prius c
By Jil McIntosh
April 26, 2019

Hybrid runabout about to run out.

Nissan Celebrates 50 Years of GT-R, Z Cars
By Jil McIntosh
April 17, 2019

No country for subcompacts.

Porsche Speedster Returns for 2019
By Jil McIntosh
April 17, 2019

Get yours before they speed away.

2020 Lincoln Corsair Unveiled
By Jil McIntosh
April 17, 2019

Small hits the big time

Which Type of Electrified Vehicle is Best for You?
By Jil McIntosh
April 16, 2019

Types of green cars and the drivers they’re designed for.

2019 Vehicle Tax Deductions for Businesses
By Jil McIntosh
April 15, 2019

What’s new, and what you should review.

Test Drive: 2019 Toyota Yaris Hatchback
By Jil McIntosh
April 08, 2019

The littlest Toyota.

A Brief History of Early Electric Cars
By Jil McIntosh
April 04, 2019

What’s old is new again.

2019 Honda Fit LX CVT
By Jil McIntosh
March 29, 2019

A little car that thinks big.

What Does “Premium Fuel Recommended” Mean?
By Jil McIntosh
March 19, 2019

No need to second-guess at the pump.

Recycled Car Names and Where They Come From
By Jil McIntosh
March 18, 2019

What is old is new again.

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Jil McIntosh writes about new cars, antique and classic cars, and the automotive industry. A member of the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC), she has won several awards for her writing, including Journalist of the Year in 2016. In addition to testing new vehicles, she owns two from the 1940s.