Feel confident driving your BMW this winter

A common misconception is that winter tires are only needed for driving in snow. However, Summer Performance Tires and All-Season Tires lose traction when the temperature drops below 7 degrees, regardless of the road conditions.

That’s why BMW has crafted a range of Approved Cold Weather Wheel Packages to ensure you drive in style—safely—this season.

Explore why you need BMW Approved Cold Weather Wheels this winter.

  • Expertly Made

BMW uses light alloy for their Approved Cold Weather Wheels. This premium material provides high thermal conductivity for optimized brake ventilation and performance

They are also engineered, and precision crafted to perfectly match your BMW’s exact safety and design specifications. Made with the same effort and expertise that goes into their vehicles, there’s no other wheel package you should consider for your BMW this winter.  

  • Designed Uniquely for your BMW

Your BMW vehicle is styled to perfection, and so should your winter wheels.

BMW Approved Cold Weather Wheel Packages aren’t only the best fit for your vehicle, they’re also available in a wide range of head-turning premium designs. Each model has a variety to pick from, so you’re able to select the package that suits your personal style and preference.

There is zero compromise when you choose BMW Approved Cold Weather Wheel Packages.

Configure Approved Cold Weather Wheel Packages for your BMW and discover the options today.

  • Premium Construction & Materials

All BMW Cold Weather Wheel Packages are made with a unique rubber compound that stays flexible in temperatures below 7 degrees, helping your vehicle stay in contact with the road.

The specially designed tread patterns maximize grip, which shortens braking distances so your vehicle stops exactly where you need it to. A wealth of sipes—tiny slits across the surface of the tire—increases traction on slippery surfaces. In addition, the narrow grooves prevent snow accumulation on the surface of the tire.

BMW Cold Weather Wheel Packages are also developed in collaboration with industry-leading tire manufacturers—Pirelli, Dunlop, Continental, Goodyear and Bridgestone—to ensure the highest possible quality and performance. 

  • Star Approved Safety

BMW ensures that BMW Cold Weather Wheels are tested to incredibly stringent standards. To be labelled as ‘Star Approved’, the tire needs to pass the highest degree of dynamism, ride comfort, and safety.

They go as far as testing them in the North of Sweden, 60 km from the Arctic Circle, where they have to pass up to 50 different criteria points.

This means that you’ll continue to experience the same level of handling and comfort you’ve come to expect from your BMW.

BMW Approved Cold Weather Wheels are also designed to minimize rolling resistance, and therefore fuel consumption—safe and economical!

Learn more about BMW Approved Cold Weather Wheels today.