Ford Protect: Your Service Partner For Life

Ford ensures you don’t need to fend for yourself after you’ve purchased one of their world-class vehicles. Instead, they’ve created Ford Protect to bring you added peace of mind.

Ford Protect goes beyond the New Vehicle Limited Warranty, offering a comprehensive Extended Service Plan that covers unexpected costs. As well, Ford Protect provides a smart Maintenance Protection Plan that keeps your vehicle on a proper schedule.



Ford wants your vehicle covered in the event of an unplanned repair or damage. These plans provide just that. It goes beyond the initial warranty to ensure critical parts are covered, saving you stress and money in the process.

Even better, there’s a range of Extended Service Plans, so you’ll be sure to find one that fits your lifestyle, driving habits and budget.



Find the right Extended Service Plan for your Ford.





Maintenance should be easy—and Ford understands that.

Ford’s Maintenance Protection Plan puts your vehicle on a regularly scheduled maintenance plan, covering the cost of required maintenance. Your vehicle will receive the TLC it needs, when it needs it, without having to book an appointment or needing to pay each time it’s in for regular maintenance.

This not only adds a level of convenience to your life, but it also maintains the regular health of your Ford to help keep it running smoothly. And, much like Ford’s Extended Service Plans, there’s a specific Maintenance Protection Plan to fit your lifestyle and driving habits.

Extended Service Plans are available when you purchase your new vehicle up until the base vehicle warranty expires.



Find the right Maintenance Service Plan for Your Ford.




  • No matter the plan you choose, you have the confidence knowing that only Ford certified technicians will work on your vehicle. They are the Ford experts, so all work will be done the right way.


  • Only Ford Authorized Parts will be used on your vehicle. These parts have been engineered specifically for your Ford, so it will work exactly the way it’s meant to without any needless go-between parts or fixes


  • Ford Protect shields you from the rising costs of service


  • Ford Protect is 100% backed by Ford and each plan is honoured at any Ford dealership in Canada and the United States. That means you are protected anywhere you go, whether it’s that big family summer road trip [link to June article] or the business trip you have in the middle of winter


  • Ford Protect is transferable. The plan follows your vehicle, which may increase its resale value


  • Ford offers flexible payment options—the plan costs can be included in your finance contract


Know that your vehicle is covered with Ford Protect. The additional coverage it offers can save you on unexpected repair bills. And, with a range of flexible options, you can choose the plan that’s right for you. Learn more about Ford Protect



Ford ensures you don’t need to fend for yourself after you’ve purchased one of their vehicles. Instead, they’ve created Ford Protect. 7/19/2019 11:00:00 AM