Mercedes-Benz: Certified, Affordable, Luxury

Mercedes-Benz has been designing and delivering exceptional vehicles for over a century.

During that time, the three-pointed star has come to be synonymous with luxury, performance, and quality around the world. The brand’s commitment to delivering on those promises is a key part of why Mercedes-Benz Canada has been the country’s top luxury automotive manufacturer for seven years in a row. They’re an automaker that understands the premium automotive marketplace, offering Canadians everything from SUVs to roadsters, accompanied by impeccable white-glove service.

While Mercedes-Benz is certainly an exclusive brand, buying one is easier than you might think, as a robust Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program offers an accessible path to ownership.


Mercedes-Benz CPO Explained

Not just any pre-owned vehicle qualifies for the Mercedes-Benz CPO program. More than just a designation, to be classified as a Mercedes-Benz CPO vehicle involves a stringent process that ensures each one of the brand’s high standards is met.

This guarantees that you will experience the excellence, innovation, performance, style, features and benefits you expect from owning a Mercedes-Benz vehicle.


Features & Benefits of Mercedes-Benz CPO


Certification inspection

Every vehicle must pass a 166-point certification inspection to be classified Mercedes-Benz CPO.

This is more than just a routine check! This incredibly thorough inspection gives you every assurance that you will be buying a vehicle that meets the high bar set by Mercedes-Benz. Expert technicians complete a thorough investigation of all major systems, parts, and areas of the vehicle, according to the following certification process:


  • Engine, Fluids, and Electrical: The engine is the heart of every Mercedes-Benz, so it makes sense that it is meticulously checked and tested—from every belt and plug to emissions system—to ensure it meets factory standards. All fluids, including engine oil, transmission fluid, and coolant, are checked, topped up, flushed, and replaced as needed, while every electrical component undergoes meticulous review.


  • Appearance: Any nicks, scuffs, dings, and scratches are repaired, so the fit and finish is as fresh and clean as possible.


  • Undercarriage, Safety, and Performance
    The undercarriage of a Mercedes-Benz is just as important as the vehicle’s outward appearance and internal systems. That’s why crucial elements such as suspension, brakes, and driveshafts are inspected. The same is true for all safety systems throughout the vehicle.


Of course, performance matters. Specially trained technicians put each vehicle through an on-road assessment, during which the engine, transmission, steering, braking, and other important elements must meet factory standards.


Mercedes-Benz ensures there’s no stress when buying a CPO vehicle.

The original factory warranty of four years (or 80,000 km) continues if there’s remaining coverage—but it doesn’t end there. Mercedes-Benz has a standard Star Certified Pre-Owned Warranty that covers an additional two years (or 120,000 accumulated kilometres). This is included on every CPO vehicle and covers the powertrain and other major components.

For even more peace of mind, you can add the Mercedes-Benz Extended Limited Warranty for an additional term. If you choose this option, you will be receiving coverage that surpasses most new vehicle warranties!

Roadside assistance

Mercedes-Benz has your back, even after you drive your CPO vehicle home.

Roadside Assistance is covered for the duration of the warranty, and available for the life of your Mercedes-Benz. This gives you access to Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance experts who can help when and where you need it—whether you need a jump start, fuel, or experience a mechanical breakdown, they’re just a phone call away.


Nationwide dealer support

Across Canada, more than 59 Mercedes-Benz dealerships will honour your warranty and support your needs in any way they can.

That means if you move to a different city or province, you’ll still have access to top-quality assistance from a Mercedes-Benz dealership.


Vehicle exchange

Mercedes-Benz wants you to experience the absolute best. That’s why they’ve created a vehicle exchange program. If, for whatever reason, you aren’t satisfied with your CPO vehicle within 5 days, or 500 km—whichever comes first—you will receive a credit towards the purchase of another vehicle of equal or greater value.

This ensures you will get the Mercedes-Benz vehicle and experience that best fits your needs and lifestyle.


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Not just any pre-owned vehicle qualifies for the Mercedes-Benz CPO program. More than just a designation, to be classified as a Mercedes-Benz CPO vehicle involves a stringent process that ensures each one of the brand’s high standards is met. 4/14/2021 9:20:02 PM