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6 Easy Tips to Extend the Life of Your Car’s Battery

Keep that battery in tip-top shape with these easy tips

March 25 2020
5 Strange Problems Caused by a Weak Battery and How You Can Avoid Them

A dying battery can lead to a multitude of annoying issues. Here’s how to avoid them.

March 25 2020
Lexus Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Building the 2020 RX

Plus off-roading in the GX 460

March 24 2020
COVID-19: Tips to Minimize Your Risk Behind the Wheel

Simple ways to keep you and your car safe and clean

March 23 2020
Top 10 Road Trip Movies

Spring is here, meaning we’re almost right in the thick of road trip season.

March 23 2020
How to Disinfect Your Car the Right Way

Careful disinfecting will help keep germs and viruses at bay.

March 19 2020
What Does This Smoke from My Exhaust Mean?

We decode all the different types of smoke coming from your exhaust and what you need to do about it.

March 19 2020
Love Cars and Stuck at Home? Here's How to Keep Yourself Entertained

We've rounded up some fun stuff to keep you busy.

March 18 2020
BMW Confirms Electric 7 Series, More PHEVs

Electric luxury coming

March 18 2020
Tips for Buying and Selling Your Car Safely

Avoid headaches and costly scams

March 18 2020
2021 Hyundai Elantra Debuts with Sharper Styling, More Tech, Hybrid Model

Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will be available.

March 17 2020
CVT Transmission Pros and Cons

Where we’re going, we don’t need cogs

March 17 2020

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