Updated: Honda Reveals New 2017 Civic Si

Updated: April 6, 2017

Honda's 2017 Si video is out, and the biggest surprise is that power isn't growing over the last generation Si. That car had a 2.4L engine making 205 hp and redlining at 7,000 rpm. The new car has a 1.5L turbo four related to the one in baser 2017 Honda Civic that makes...205 hp. It does pack a much bigger torque punch, at 192 lb-ft versus the 174 of the old one. The new car delivers that torque over a much wider range as well, so it should be quicker behind the wheel. In addition to the short-throw shifter for the six-speed manual, limited slip differential, and adaptive dampers, the Si also has an upgraded 450-watt 10-speaker display audio system.

Earlier: The Honda Civic Type R is the one getting all of the attention, but the sporty Civic that will end up in the hands of more enthusiasts is the Si. The Si coupe and sedan have been missing from the lineup since the 10th generation Civic launched for 2016, but Honda will be fixing that soon, revealing the all-new Si this Thursday.

It won't be the usual dramatic reveal at an auto show, though. Honda is launching the Si coupe and Sedan in a video reveal on their youtube channel. Honda says that the video will show off the new hot Civic on-track, going live at 9:00 am Eastern time.

Along with the video, we'll get a better look at what powers the new Si models. Honda will be revealing more of the details, including the power and torque ratings, on-sale dates, and the price range.

It will also have a six-speed manual available, with a short-throw shifter. That transmission will have a limited slip differential to help put the power down through both front wheels. Other big new changes include a variable ratio steering system and adaptive dampers for better handling.

Six-speed, turbo, adaptive shocks for Si 4/3/2017 12:20:30 PM