Honda Recalls 2017 Ridgeline for Wiring Harness Water Leak

Honda Canada is asking owners of nearly 1,600 examples of its redesigned 2017 Ridgeline pickup to take their trucks to the dealer to have a wiring harness inspected for water infiltration.

Transport Canada says water from a drain hole in the truck's bed could enter a connection in a wiring harness; that moisture may result in corrosion in the rear wheel speed sensors, which are used by the truck's powertrain computers to monitor wheelspin and determine when to activate the stability control system.

That corrosion could cause an electrical fault the computer may read as a slipping wheel and unnecessarily apply the brakes or reduce engine power to mitigate that phantom wheelspin.

Honda dealers are inspecting the wiring harness in question, and if they find corrosion they will replace it and other components as needed. If the connections are intact, the technician will repair the harness to prevent future water intrusion.

Wiring corrosion could trigger stability control unnecessarily 12/15/2016 5:19:09 PM