Ford Tire Experts: Finding Your Perfect Wheels


Your tires matter.

They are, after all, the actual point where your vehicle touches the road. They direct your path and trek through rain, mud, ice and snow to safely get you to your destination. They are rubber warriors.

Ford knows their importance. That’s why Ford Tire Experts not only know everything about your Ford, they also know everything about the right tires for your vehicle.

Your vehicle needs four great tires. Here we have four great reasons why you should visit a Ford Tire Expert.

Expert Advice

OK, we already mentioned this, but it’s so important that we have to say it again: Ford Tire Experts are the ones who are best qualified to match tires to your vehicle. Who better to outfit your vehicle than someone who knows the ins and outs of every Ford? You can’t buy that type of assurance and peace of mind. 

The Best Fit

Not only do Ford Tire Experts know your vehicle, they know how to best match a specific tire to your vehicle. They take into account your driving habits, where you live, how often you drive and a multitude of other factors to custom-fit your Ford with tires that are best for your lifestyle. Winter tire needs will vastly differ for a driver in Vancouver compared to one in Toronto; summer tires in Montreal can be quite different than what’s needed in Banff. Ford Tire Experts take the guesswork out of your shopping experience, and don’t leave you staring at a wall of tires to fend for yourself.  

The Brand You Want

Ford knows you have good taste—you’re driving a Ford, after all. They also know your taste is different than your neighbor’s, which is why they’ve created a vehicle lineup that is vast and varied. The same is true when it comes to tires. People have their favorite brands and styles. When you visit Ford, you don’t have to sacrifice your preferences, because they carry 13 major brands to ensure you find one you absolutely love.

Tire Price Match Promise

Ford Tire Experts go the extra mileto give you the best price with their Price Match Promise. If you find a lower price for the tires you want, they will match it. That means you get their expertise, tires that fit your life and the brand you love—all for an incredible price.

Ford Tire Experts know how to best pair your Ford with the perfect tires. to get the service and expertise you deserve.




Your vehicle needs four great tires. Here we have four great reasons why you should visit a Ford Tire Expert. 8/27/2019 2:48:22 PM