Looking for a Car? This 3-Minute Read Could Save You Weeks of Wasted Time…

For many people, finding and financing a new car is a wild goose chase.

The painstaking drudgery of research, appointments, and paperwork is enough to make you prefer a pair of roller skates over a car with a reasonable interest rate! In the age of digitalization where you can book your next vacation, pay your electricity bill, or receive mortgage pre-approval on your smartphone, there’s no reason why buying your next vehicle can’t be just as simple.

Traditional car-shopping at its worst

The traditional method of finding and financing a vehicle is backwards.

A typical car-buying journey starts with a Google search. It ends nearly three months later after countless Google searches, numerous YouTube videos, and dozens of interactions with various private sellers, manufacturers, and dealerships. The research takes up your evenings. Test drives consume your weekend. Finally, you find and fall in love with the car of your dreams.

You apply for financing AFTER you’ve already put in the spadework. And if you get declined? All that research was a waste of time! And what about all those tedious bank appointments? Who’s got the time for that these days?

50% of Canadians seek a car loan for their next vehicle purchase, and a lot of these customers spend weeks bouncing between the dealership and bank hoping they get approved and that their search hasn’t been for naught! And if you have bad or no credit, the process is even more frustrating! The customer’s journey to a new car can be long and stressful, and often ends in disappointment. Vehicle financing was broken. It needed to be fixed.

The future of auto financing at your fingertips

When there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day, wouldn’t it save a lot of time if you could get approved for finance BEFORE you start looking at cars?

You wouldn’t go house-hunting without knowing your mortgage approval limit, so why is it the norm with car-shopping? Knowing your price range automatically narrows down your search before you’ve even started looking! The future of auto financing isn't flashy sales promotions and wacky inflatable tube men. It’s an effortless, enjoyable experience that happens on your terms.

Some game-changers have fixed the inefficiencies that plagued the car industry. Through simple online platforms, these innovative tech companies have built a shortcut to help car buyers bypass a painfully slow and frustrating process. Simply fill out a quick two-minute application, and you’ll know how much you’re eligible for within 24 hours.

You don’t need to put your life on hold while you shop for a vehicle; you can do it all on your smartphone. That’s right, you can apply for financing while commuting to work, binging your favourite show at home, or between reps at the gym. There are no more bank appointments or face-to-face meetings. Everything happens through text, email, or over the phoneit really is that easy!

Once you get approved, you’ll be paired with a local dealer who’ll know exactly what vehicle matches your needs. In this new age of auto financing, your credit situation isn’t such a big obstacle either because the technology quickly matches you with a dealership that knows how to help!

Get pre-approved, not pre-committed!

“I’m not buying a car on the internet,” you might argue.

We wouldn’t expect you to.

Pre-approval simply means you know how much financing a lender will approve for your next vehicle purchase. You don’t commit to anything until you’ve had a chance to visit the dealership, sit inside the vehicle, and take it for a test drive. Take it for multiple test drives! Not interested? Simply walk away.

With a pre-approval in your back pocket, you can finally enjoy finding the vehicle that fits your life and your budget. Now you’re shopping with certainty and confidence. There are no more wasted hours and no more disappointment.

Canada Drives gets you in the driver’s seat faster

Online auto financing is revolutionizing the way we shop for vehicles, and Canada Drives is one such tech company that’s leading the way with game-changing digital solutions and an extensive dealership network. One of Deloitte’s Best Managed Companies in 2019, Canada Drives works with hundreds of thousands of Canadians every year to fast-track their next vehicle purchase.

So if you’re in the market for a new car, avoid months of wasted research and last-minute heartbreak. Apply for free in minutes, and see how much you’re pre-approved for!

Online auto financing is revolutionizing the way we shop for vehicles. 8/23/2019 11:05:00 AM